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Ellis Faas – Make Up Not War

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Ellis Faas – Make Up Not War

Haartrends, Nieuwe Producten, Skincare / 5 juli 2017 / No Comment


Get ready on Instagram to challenge the world to Make Up Not War!
1. Grab your lipstick and put it on! Yes, GUYS, also you – or maybe even: especially you!
2. Grab your phone and get ready to film yourself:
Kiss the palm of your hand, leaving a mark of the lipstick.
Say “Let’s kiss to Make Up Not War, and I hereby send a kiss to [name of a friend]. Please pass on this kiss to someone else to raise awareness for War Child.” [you can make variations, just be sure you mention “Make Up Not War”!]
Kiss into the camera, blow a kiss, or pass on the kiss however you feel like!
3. Tag your friend and don’t forget to use hashtag #kisstomakeupnotwar (and if you can manage #MUNWchallenge, #warchild, #ellisfaas) to enter the challenge and have a chance to win a book of Ellis’ work especially signed for you!

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